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Why Enroll in Training?

Learn at your own pace and set your own goals. We offer an adult-friendly way to learn about things that are relevant and meaningful to you.

You are eligible for this program if you are:

  • 18 years or older
  • Live in Ontario

You would come to EWT because:

  • You want to upgrade your skills before returning to high school or college
  • You left school early for a good job, and now need to upgrade your skills to find a new job
  • You want to help your children with their homework
  • You left school because you couldn't learn there or had a bad experience and now you want to try a different approach to learning
  • You finished high school, but you still feel you don't have the skills you need to get ahead
  • Something in your life has changed – you have different tasks at work, or you have been laid off and are having difficulty finding a new job with the skills you have
  • You want to read your mail or do online banking without help

All of our programs are FREE

We offer an adult learning environment with small classrooms and individualized instruction. Online learning is also available.

Funding for transportation may be available.

Educational Training

We offer a multitude of educational training options to help you improve your skills and credentials.

Essential Skills Training Preparation for Upgrading GED Preparation Using Digital Technology Employment Ontario
  • Essential Skills Training

    Whether your goal is find or keep your job, go back to school or just to live more independently, essential skills are really important to have.

    We build on the strengths you have developed through life experiences, work, carrying out your family responsibilities and past schooling. We use the experience and knowledge you already have to teach you new skills.

    Essential skills include things like:

    • Finding and using information by reading and interpreting documents.
    • Communicating ideas and information by writing, interacting with others and completing and creating documents.
    • Understanding and using numbers, like knowing how to manage your money and your time, and using measures.
    • Using digital technology by learning how to use the computer for sending emails, searching for jobs and using programs like Microsoft Word and Excel.
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  • Preparation for Upgrading

    If you want to attend high school,college/university or enter a training program but need to upgrade your skills first, this is the perfect program for you! We will help you improve your skills in math, reading comprehension, vocabulary and writing, as well as how to use the computer for learning. While in the FREE program, you will also learn about setting goals, using learning strategies and study skills.

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  • GED Preparation

    We can help you prepare to successfully write the GED tests. We will also help you develop good study habits and give you tips on how to pass the GED tests.

    The GED "General Educational Development" is an Ontario High School Equivalent Certificate for adults who have been unable to complete high school. The GED certificate is recognized by many colleges, apprenticeship programs and employers, as meeting secondary school graduation requirements. The GED test consists of five separate exams (Science, Social Studies, Reading, Math and Writing).

    Reasons people write the GED test include:

    • Receiving a high school equivalency certificate
    • Qualifying for employment
    • Getting a promotion
    • Registering for an apprenticeship
    • Applying for admission to college or other training institution
    • Achieving personal satisfaction
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  • Using Digital Technology

    Our computer workshops and courses are designed to help you build skills that you can use in employment, job searching, further education and day to day life management. These courses are designed to introduce computer applications, using practical examples in a hands-on learning environment. You will have the opportunity to learn and practice at your own pace and from your own manuals. The learning environment is meant to be comfortable and inviting for any new computer user.

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    Work Bytes – Job Hunting in the Digital Age

    This course is designed to provide you with the essential computer skills you need to search for your ideal job and give you the confidence you need to re-enter the workforce. Topics include e-mail, Internet job search, Introduction to Word and computer basics.

    Please go to the Events section for information about the next session.


    Microsoft Office & Workplace Essentials

    This course is designed to provide you with the essential computer competencies you need to survive and get ahead in today’s fast-changing workplace. Topics include:

    • Windows 10
    • MS Word
    • MS Excel
    • MS PowerPoint

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Workplace Training

We offer a multitude of workplace training options to help you improve your skills and credentials.

Workplace Training Employment Ontario
  • Workplace Training

    Our Workplace Training Programs can help you upgrade your essential skills.

    so that you can find a job or keep your current job. We will work with you to upgrade your skillsthat are important in today's workplace:

    • reading
    • writing
    • math
    • communication
    • critical thinking
    • computer skills (MicroSoft Suite)
    • We use the WorkWrite program to teach you all the skills you need for today's workplace. With this program you will get plenty of practice with a wide variety of authentic workplace documents such as lists, notices, work schedules, job postings, office memos, agendas, meeting minutes, brochures and much more!

    We also offer specific job-related training programs such as:

    • Retail raining that will prepare you for employment in the retail sector, including cash register training, customer service and essential workplace fundamentals.
    • Office Training that will prepare you for work in various office environments by learning Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, reading, writing and math for work, and telephone skills.
    • Customer Service Training
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