Spark Employment Services Launches 'Feed Your Hunger for Work' Program to Combat Food Insecurity Among Job Seekers

Spark Employment Services - Posted: Wednesday, 6 December 2023

As the persistent effects of the global pandemic continue to cast a shadow over individuals experiencing poverty and marginalization in our society, Spark Employment Services is proud to introduce its groundbreaking ‘Feed Your Hunger for Work’ Program.

The ongoing impact of COVID-19 and rising inflation rates have exacerbated the challenge of food insecurity for those most vulnerable in our community. Spark recognizes the urgency of this issue and is taking proactive steps to address it. The ‘Feed Your Hunger for Work’ Program is designed to support clients by reducing food insecurity and enabling them to concentrate fully on their job search efforts.

Chantal Makela, CEO of Spark Employment Services, emphasizes the importance of this initiative: “The ‘Feed Your Hunger for Work’ Program is a reflection of our commitment to supporting those in our community who are facing significant barriers to employment. We understand that hunger not only affects physical well-being but also has a profound impact on cognitive function, attention, and concentration. By addressing food insecurity, we aim to empower job seekers to focus on their job search activities, ultimately enhancing their opportunities for success.”

Hunger can divert resources away from cognitive processes and lead to reduced focus and attention. Prolonged food insecurity can impair neurotransmitter function, affecting the brain’s ability to maintain sustained attention. The constant worry about obtaining sufficient sustenance consumes mental energy that could otherwise be directed towards focused thought. The ‘Feed Your Hunger for Work’ Program aims to not only tackle food insecurity but also optimize cognitive performance, thus nurturing the capacity for sustained attention and concentration among clients.

Key Features of the ‘Feed Your Hunger for Work’ Program:

Nutritional Support: The program will provide nutritional snacks and lunches to clients during on-site appointments, in-class training, and on-the-job placements and trials, ensuring that hunger does not hinder their performance.

Empowerment: By reducing food insecurity, the program empowers job seekers to fully concentrate on their job search activities, increasing their chances of securing employment and breaking the cycle of poverty.

Community Impact: The ‘Feed Your Hunger for Work’ Program emphasizes Spark’s unwavering commitment to supporting their community towards prosperity and enhancing the well-being of those who need it most.

Chantal Makela adds, “We believe that by addressing food insecurity, we can break down the barriers that have held our clients back for too long. The ‘Feed Your Hunger for Work’ Program is a testament to Spark Employment Services’ dedication to creating opportunities for all.”

For more information about Spark Employment Services or the Feed Your Hunger for Work program, call (705)-671-2544 or visit Spark’s office located at 435 Notre Dame Avenue, Suite 102, Sudbury, ON, open Monday-Friday from 8:30am-4:30pm.

Spark Employment Services Launches 'Feed Your Hunger for Work' Program to Combat Food Insecurity Among Job Seekers

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